Who are we?

An alliance of environmental scientists, geographers, planners, and agricultural specialists who want to see better planning for roads

Our goals:

  • To limit the environmental impacts of roads on Earth’s biodiversity, native ecosystems, and wilderness areas
  • To focus construction of new roads and road improvements where they will have the greatest social and economic benefits
  • To assist environmental managers to better plan and prioritize roads
  • To educate the general public about the environmental risks of poorly planned roads and transportation projects

Key facts about roads:

  • The 21st century is seeing an unprecedented expansion of roads
  • At least 25 million kilometers of new roads are expected worldwide by 2050—enough to circle the Earth over 600 times
  • 90% of all road construction is occurring in developing nations, including many regions with exceptional biodiversity and vital ecosystem services
  • Roads penetrating into Earth’s remaining wildernesses are a major driver of habitat loss and fragmentation, wildfires, overhunting, and other environmental degradation
  • Much road construction is chaotic or poorly planned
  • Not all roads are environmentally detrimental
  • Roads or road improvements in areas where most native vegetation has already been removed, and where farming yields are low, can help to improve agriculture and local livelihoods with limited environmental costs