Road Benefits

Road Benefits
Areas where roads can potentially have large socioeconomic benefits, especially for agriculture.
Road Benefits MAIN-min

Detailed information on all of the individual components that were used to construct the global road map and explanations on how the individual data layers were integrated.  The individual data layers are provided below.

Individual components of the Road-benefits Map

  • Supplementary Figure 1. Estimated increases in calorie production per harvested hectare (kcal ha-1) from yield gap closure, for four major crops globally.
  • Supplementary Figure 2. The proportion of each 1-km2 pixel converted to farmland or grazing globally.
  • Supplementary Figure 3. Travel time (minutes) to the nearest sizeable city (>50,000 residents) globally.
  • Supplementary Figure 4. Projected national-level increases in agricultural production (%) from 2000 to 2050.
  • Supplementary Figure 5. An empirically derived index of agro-ecological suitability based on local soil fertility and climatic conditions.